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Researcher Affiliated the Energy Academy

Samsø Energy Academy has established the Energy Institute. The first step has been to establish an electronic archive of “big data”, on the basis of the last 14 years, during which Samsø has worked on a practical green transition, because of Samsø’s status as Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island. What is new is our wish to collaborate with researchers and scientist, in an attempt to become more aware of what it is Samsø Energy Academy is capable of in the context of basic research. An example: “What impact does behavior connected with technology have, in the light of Samsø’s status as Fossil free in 2030?” Take a look at our new electronic archive which holds the working title: The Energy Institute . The archive is not yet finished and will go on the air August 1, 2014. During the next few months, the archive is being tested by various groups in our network, and will hopefully receive further suggestions. The Energy Institute still lacks a great deal of data, e.g. the period 1998-2007, which is being manually filed, since it is from a period where only a fraction of documents were digitized. Cecilie Rebekka Lunden, MsC in social education and Psychology, is doing a company internship at Samsø Energy Academy. She is conducting field work concerning a study of the possibilities to implement sustainable development under the school auspices and in the actual teaching. This study is to turn into an application for funding to establish an opportunity for continuing education for leaders, teachers and child and youth worker in grade school. In her field work, Cecilie has interviewed Steen Hildebrandt and Trine Ankerstjerne among others, to clarify their view on the possibilities of creating an opportunity for continuing education within the grade school, concerning sustainable development and sustainable  resources. 

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