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What do energy research and kids have to do with each other?

Get the answer when the project “The Art of Research” by the Regional Cultural Collaboration in Eastern Jutland premieres with the multi-artistic performance by the same name on January 17, 2015 in the venue Spektrum Odder. You can experience a hotchpotch of childrens art, dance and singing and different research areas in interaction with art forms creating a dynamic, poetic universe of knowledge, music, dance, singing, words and visual artistic expressions.

The performance is the culmination of the 1,5 years long project taking its starting point in six local research- and communication institutions in the Regional Cultural Collaboration in Eastern Jutland. Among these institutions is the Energy Academy, where the kids in the day care institution, Rumlepotten, in September 2013 made their pieces of art on the basis of their understanding  and creative interpretation of renewable energy.

The purpose of the kids’ visit at the Energy Academy was to invite the kids into an abstract universe of sun, wind and biomass. Through these activities, the kids used their senses and used poetry to open doors to a new understanding of the concepts. We experienced the value of the social and emotional learning and how this sometimes comes before science!

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