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Newsletter 10


By Søren Hermansen – CEO, Samsø Energy Academy


After a hectic fall, the Energy Academy can unwind

We have had a lot of guests at the Energy Academy this fall, and they have not simple been casual passers-by curious to look at our five video screens in the welcoming area or showing up to have a chat with one of our employees about their home or workplace’s energy use.

Luckily, the house has been able to find a form that allows us to go about our daily business and accommodate all our guests.

The Energy Academy has finally become the international village hall we have been dreaming about! We welcome the most amazing guests from the outside and we are blessed with the most loyal local working group members one might wish for. Our fossil free island project is well under way, but it is difficult!

The economy is tighter and the technologies more advanced compared to the projects we completed back in the Renewable Energy Island days.

For that reason we are thankful for our amazing team at the Academy and for Samsø Municipality’s Fossil Free Island action plan which will allow Samsø to continue in the role as Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island.


Latest news from the board

A chairperson makes her bow As Yvonne in the Olsen Banden movies used to say: There comes a time in every woman’s life… And that time has come for me to say goodbye and thank you for about seven fascinating years as chairperson of Samsø Energy Academy. Read more

Samsø Energy Academy closes the school servic

By project leader Malene Annikki Lundén Category Education. The service has been an offer to the local schools and the many camp schools that visit Samsø. The Energy Academy has called the service Energy Camp and Energy Safari. ”Stop while the going is good”Samsø Energy Academy has taught about 9000 schoolchildren over the past seven years. Energy Camp has strengthened schoolchildren of all ages’ consciousness of the central role energy plays in modern life and has taught children how energy is extracted, transformed and used as well as the consequences connected to these processes. It has been our pleasure and we have met so many sweet and able students who we know will be great ambassadors for Samsø as Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island.The foundation Energi Fond is not supporting the school service. The funding stops in 2014. Read more

Energy checks in shops

By Project Leaders Jan Jantzen and Michael Kristensen Category: Fossil free Island We have checked up on several shops on Samsø and we found between 5-15% savings in all the places we visited. To our surprise, these savings are very cheap and easy to implement. One example is to implement temperature reductions at night, thus lowering heating expenses. There are especially some important savings to make in the shops where they both have cooling and heating systems at the same time. Read more

Writing a PhD about Samsø: a taste of what it’s about

By ph.D student Irina Papazu Category: Education Writing my PhD about Samsø and the island’s transformation into a low-carbon community has not allowed me to spend much time at my home department, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen. Read more

Biogas on the island – part of a circular resource system

By Project Leaders Trine B. Stoltenborg and Flemming Kristensen Category: Fossil free Island Model community, cooperation and innovation. Samso Energy Academy collaborates with a number of players on an analysis of the possibilities of setting up a biogas plant on the island. Read more


The future of Energy Service Denmark

By Project Leader Michael Kristensen Category: Fossil free Island In August five employees from the islands branch of Energy Service Denmark met to talk about challenges and collaboration possibilities for the future. Søren Hermansen was invited to contribute with inspiration and valuable insights. Unfortunately, the basic funds from the Danish Energy Fund will be stopped by the beginning of 2015. The consequence for the islands is that we will no longer be able to give free personal energy advice. We are still working hard to maintain the existence of our local offices. Read more

European Cultural Capital Aarhus 2017, Sustainability Operator

By Project Leaders in our Aarhus Department Category: Partnership Aarhus will, as many know, be European Culture Capital in 2017 and is currently working to create a unique experience for residents and visitors on the way towards 2017. Samsoe Energy Academy has been selected to advise the Aarhus 2017 Foundation on citizen involvement and sustainability. This applies to projects now and heading towards the year 2017. Another important role is to ensure positive future changes in the region. Read More

Nordic pilot education

By project leader Malene Annikki Lundén Category Education. Nordic pilot in-service training is supported by the the Nordic Council of Ministers. The education team at Samsø Energy Academy is a member of a resource group in the North which has worked on developing alternative ways of furthering sustainable education with a global consciousness focused on the three pillars of sustainability: economic, social and environmental development and protection. Two out of four modules in the Nordic pilot education have been held. We started in Oslo, Norway, with a focus on how to develop natural science education. All the students on the Nordic pilot education are teachers themselves, and the Nordic pilot education is an in-service training in sustainable development. The Nordic pilot education came to Samsø Energy Academy in November to learn about local ownership and how communication can support citizen involvement. Read More


Danish and foreign students work for energy but its make tourism and trade on Samsø.

By project leader Malene Annikki Lundén Category Education. ”Samsø as a living field study site”. Samsø Energy Academy experiences great interst from universities and students keen on coming to Samsø. We have to turn many away, and others turn us down when they realise the economic costs of coming to the island. Those who are able to find the funds come to Samsø to investigate the coming into existence of Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island. They all want to interview the central island actors and stakeholders, and they want to find out if the impressive story about Samsø as a sustainable model society holds water. The Eenrgy Academy’s education team has over seven years been visited by about four individual students a year from all over the world. That makes 24 students overall. Read More

How to enhance local ownership and responsibility in sustainability projects?

By Head of office Michael Larsen Category: Satellite Island. 12 SMILEGOV project partners gathered at the Energy Academy on Samsø. The Energy Academy welcomed the SMILEGOV project partners in the frame of a one-day capacity building workshop based on an open/shared space concept. Read More

Termination of the Implement biogas project

By Project Leader Peter Christensen and Project Leader Trine B. Stoltenberg. Category: Satellite Island – Category: Fossil Free Island. Over the past year, the Energy Academy has participated in the joint Nordic project Implement, which seeks to strengthen the production and use of biogas. Samsoe municipality has also participated in Implement, with a special focus on the new gas-powered ferry. Along with the Energy Academy the municipality will use the platform created in Implement to establish a biogas plant on the island, which can supply the ferry with biogas. New biogas project coming up, At the same time the municipality of Samsoe and the Energy Academy are participating in the development of the successor to the Implement project, a project with the working title Biogas 2020. Read more

Japan and Denmark and the Island Samso is moving.

By Søren Hermansen – CEO, Samsø Energy Academy Category Partneship. Japan has even established an Energy Academy! The collaboration has been established in agreement with Samsø Energy Academy and Søren Hermansen represents Samsø Energy Academy in the Japanese steering committee! Recently, more people have joined the network. PAL Systems is a Japanese co-operative wholesale society promoting organic articles. PAL is venturing into selling green energy! PAL will help local communities organize their purchases in a manner similar to the Danish co-operative organization – the Japanese call it Community Power. Read More

Press and newsmedia.

French TV Arte

Canada Green TV

USA Article Huffingtonpost


Urgent dates for meetings and conferences:

Symposium- From Best to Next Practice: 18.3- 20.3 2015. Place: The Energy Academy Samsø. 5 seats for students – 40 seats in total. Price: 2000,- dkk for students and 5000,- for other participants. Sign up Be the first to sign up

Konference – WOLFS – 40 participants – 26.6 – 27.6 2015 Place: Samsø Energy Academy. Price: 4000,-dkk Sign up

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