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The Green Golf Club of Samsoe

Thomas Pihljkær, Chief Green Keeper, is the fireball behind the energy-saving and eco-friendly solutions taking place at Samsø Golf Club. Solar-powered golf carts and lawnmowers, sheep, microclover and chicken manure are some of the initiatives that make Samsø Golf Club a pioneer within its own field – in Denmark as well as abroad. Although the green transition is challenging at times, there is no stopping Thomas Pihlkjær. He is dedicated to the project. ”I have a good feeling every day, because what we do is good for the environment too. My passion for development is the reason why I always think one step ahead, and I think it is exciting to be ahead and do something that is worth telling people about”, he says. Samsø Golf Club has come a long way thanks to its collaboration with the Energy Academy. Choosing the right business partners and suppliers, with an equal aim to find eco-friendly solutions, is crucial. “Not everyone in the business of golf in Denmark is immediately enthusiastic about green solutions. This is probably due to a lack of knowledge and a well-based fear of the golf courses growing over, thus making it difficult to play golf. However, the Germans, Dutch and Swedes are very interested in learning from our green transition, and we also have to be better telling people about it”, Thomas says.

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