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State Visit from the Netherlands focusing on Innovative Green Growth

Skærmbillede 2015-02-27 kl. 08.31.00

Royal Couple will visit the island’s green innovative solutions, and go into detail about the green solutions where both countries are keen on cooperation in the future. There will e.g. be a visit to the consumer-owned district heating plant based on straw, Ballen-Bundby, that delivers energy to 290 households, three hotels and three companies on the island. The Royal Couple and the Crown Prince Couple will also visit Samsø Efterskole (continuation school), where energy supply and green solutions as well as nature are in focus during the students’ stay. The visit on the island ends with a visit to Samsø’s Energiakademi (Energy Academy) with round table discussions and lessons learned from the green day followed by lunch featuring the island’s specialities and local products illustrating the local community’s ideas of self-sufficiency.

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