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From black marbles to a golden crown

 ”Black marbles”

By Project Manager end Energy Advisor of Samsø Energy Academy, Michael Kristensen

At Samsø Energy Academy we have a jar filled with black marbles.

In the movie “Black Marbles” by Anders Matthesen, white and black marbles are awarded to the realtor Alex Klien, who has been in a car accident. Suddenly, he finds himself in the middle of a quiz show about his personality and personal traits. The number of good, white marbles or bad, black marbles determine wether or not he will survive.Fortunately, it is not as dramatic when it comes to the Energy Academy’s jar of marbles!

Hermansen, S and Lundén, M and Kristensen, M


From black marbles to a golden crown — Fra sorte kugler til guldkroner.

Samsø Posten.



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        Samsø is well underway with the goal to become fossil free by 2030 and that has resounded outside of Denmark. Locally, Samsø is working on replacing oil-fired boilers for more sustainable energy solutions and globally, there is a demand for knowledge about how a local community develops in a more sustainable direction. Here on Samsø, we are happy to share our experiences – also with royal visitors from far and near. — Samsø er i fuld gang med at omstille sig til at blive fri af fossile brændsler inden 2030, og det giver genlyd i verden. Lokalt på Samsø arbejdes der bl.a. med at udskifte oliefyr til vedvarende energiløsninger, mens der globalt er efterspørgsel på hvordan et lokalt samfund udvikler sig i en bæredygtig retning. Vi på Samsø deler med glæde ud af vores erfaringer, også

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        Creators:Hermansen, S and Lundén, M and Kristensen, M
        Projects:Renewable Energy Island — Vedvarende Energi, Fossil Free Island — Fossilfri Ø
        Date Deposited:26 May 2015 14:02
        Last Modified:27 May 2015 08:34

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        On Samsø, we use the jar of black marbles to monitor how many oil-fired boilers have been replaced with renewable energy sources such as heat pumps or district heating. In 2009 when we started putting marbles in the jar, around 1/3 of the houses on Samsø were heated by oil-fired boilers, equalling 750 households. In 2011 we passed 100 replaced oil-fire boilers. So far, we have put 250 black marbles in the jar and of course, we hope some people have replaced their boilers without asking us for help.

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