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Innovation between USA and Samsoe

In Maine, USA, on College of the Atlantic, a new business model has been developed, based on the social innovation that brought the Samsoe project to where it is today. The model is developed by Professor Jay Freidlander from College of the Atlantic,  whom in the summer of 2014 visited Samsoe with 20 students and 10 islanders. They came to Samsoe to study sustainability in small communities. Based on their research, Professor Freidlander developed a model usable for testing business ideas prior to an initiation of a project.

Here’s Professor Freidlander’s Ted talk about it

Se the model and presentation

Friedland Jay, FJ


Creating Abundance: Tactics
for Maximizing Impact.

Project Report.
Jay Friedland, College of the Atlantic.



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      February 27, 2015
      Professor Jay Friedlander
      Sharpe-McNally Chair of Green and Socially Responsible Business
      College of the Atlantic Bar Harbor, Maine, U.S.A

      Item Type: Monograph

      (Project Report)

      Creators:Friedland Jay, FJ
      Date Deposited:30 Jun 2015 13:31
      Last Modified:30 Jun 2015 13:31

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      The Energy Academy has a close relationship with College of the Atlantic, and we look forward to welcoming a group of new student in August, 2015.

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