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New film about Samsø premieres in Samsø Cinema, monday July 20., 5pm

Dear all with an interest in green transition and Samsø,

Below you can watch previous productions about Samsø made by Arte. The film being shown on monday is a sneak preview.

The production- and distribution company, Arte, will come to Samsø to meet all the participants and other interested.

What is the voice of Samsø and which stories are we proud to tell?

On Samsø we are in the driver’s seat when it comes to making things happen.

As a local community, Samsø has worked together across sectors and developed a new mind-set and a better local economy.

Our common motivation is “How do we make a living?”. Samsø has worked with green growth since 1997. This means that most of the local business community has 17 years of experience when it comes to making meaningful changes.

Watch the film from Arte about European projects with Samsø as the good example.
Watch the film from Arte with a nice portrait of Merethe Buchave from Ballen-Brundby district heating plant.



Merete : L’énergie est l’affaire de tous – Sacrée croissance – ARTE.




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      Abstract Si l’île de Samsö est aujourd’hui totalement autonome en énergie, Merete n’y est pas pour rien. Sans avoir jamais milité d…

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      Uncontrolled Keywords:Merete Buchhave, Danemark, Samso, énergie solaire, éolienne, énergie, Sacrée croissance, Arte, Canada, croissance, économie, agriculture, agriculture urbaine…
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      Projects:Energy Island
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