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Termination of the Implement biogas project and a new start.

Over the past year, the Energy Academy has participated in the joint Nordic project Implement, which seeks to strengthen the production and use of biogas.

Energy Academy has been responsible for the development of a digital manual which focuses on the difficult art of involving the citizens in a good way. (See

See also an informative animation of the Implement project:

Samsoe municipality has also participated in Implement, with a special focus on the new gas-powered ferry. Along with the Energy Academy the municipality will use the platform created in Implement to establish a biogas plant on the island, which can supply  the ferry with biogas.

Fossil Free Island At the same time the municipality of Samsoe and the Energy Academy are participating in the development of the successor to the Implement project, a project with the working title Biogas 2020. The large-scale biogas project will have participants from a wide range of Nordic partners. In addition to a further development of Implement’s manual on citizen involvement, the Energy Academy has proposed to handle the interaction and communication between partners and countries. Through organizing different workshops and Energy Safaris it is the aim that partners will be actively involved and engaged in the project activities. The project partners will meet early in January in order to develop the project further. The project is expected to start in late 2015.

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