Fukushima goes renewable through Community Power


The Fukushima region in Japan, that was hit by the nuclear disaster in 2011, fights hard to restore the devastating aftermath on the environment. The region has decided to do like Samsoe and aims to be 100 percent self-sufficient on renewable energy.

Director of the Energy Academy Søren Hermansen recently spoke at a conference for Community Power in Fukushima.

Amongst other things, he talked about the book “Commonities” by himself and Tor Nørretranders, which describes Samsoes transaction towards green energy with the community and the citizens as key factors.

The hosts of the conference wishes to involve the community i the process with changing the energy supply, like it happened on Samsoe, and the participants has released a joint statement with the output from their change of ideas. Read it below (English translation after Japanese text):

ISEP, -(2014)Fukushima Community Power Declaration -- 福島コミュニティパワー宣言.In: Japan Community Power Conference, Feb. 2014, Fukushima.

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              From 31 January till 2 February, delegates from Fukushima, Japan and further Asian countries, America, Australia and Europe gathered in Fukushima for the International Community Power Conference. After three days of inspiring, encouraging and very interactive exchange of ideas and experiences, they have agreed on the following declaration: -- 巨大な原発事故が起こった。 いま、怖るべきモラルハザードが始まっている。 われわれは、人智が制御しえぬモノに、われわれの未来を委ねることを拒絶するか、それとも思考停止のままに受容し続けるのか、という分岐点に立たされている。 福島の人々はすでに早く、原発事故の三カ月後には、原発に依存せずに持続的に発展してゆく将来へのシナリオを選択し、それを宣言した。 しかし、この福島の意志は無視され、黙殺されてきた

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              1. WISE
                WISE says:

                Wow: Burgers uit #Fukushima eisen lokale duurzame energie!http://t.co/BD1ddmtVKk

              2. Peer de Rijk

                Deense cooperatieve energierevolutionairen gaan burgers #Fukushima helpen met decentrale schone energie http://t.co/Lz1AfLmN45


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