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From the book “Commonities”: The communal way is growing all over the world. From Fukushima, Japan, where centralized thinking was subjected to a blow of Asiatic proportions when the earthquake and tsunami knocked out multiple earthquake-proof nuclear reactors, to Brooklyn, New York, where gardens are growing on the rooftops and refuse no longer needs to be transported long distances. In Denmark we can look to Esbjerg, where people are laying their own pavements because the government and the local authorities have given up trying to build a community, or Odense, where rainwater can find its way into the groundwater more easily thanks to green areas created by the local people. Communities release the resources that have become too complex, too cohesive and too mutually dependent for state regulation or commercial business plans to cope with. The world is facing a dramatic readjustment from one basis for production to another; from one commercial logic to another, and from one dream of society to another. It is high time we realized that the opportunities are enormous, the challenges huge, and the time has come.

It sounds romantic but it’s not. Not because it’s cool having commonities grow wherever headquarters fails to keep watch, but because it makes better business sense. It’s a better way of creating society; a better way of creating a life that’s good and true. Commonities are lucrative in themselves. If they weren’t, why bother to do things as a community unless it gives you a better life?”


Read the rest of this chapter in the e-book “Commonities” by Soeren Hermansen and Tor Noerretranders. Buy it on Amazon or Saxo and support the work of the Energy Academy and Samsoe’s next steps.

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