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From the second example titled “Wind Turbines hang in there”: We are there together because we have a project in common and because we feel we ought to take part in the AGM. Not because we want any changes, but to show the committee and chairman that we appreciate the work they’re doing. During the meeting the association chairman, Einar Mortensen, announces that the summer will see the association’s silver jubilee. People express their amazement. Did we really start so long ago? Yes indeed; the first small turbines were installed in 1986. “But that means you also became chairman 25 years ago, Einar!” says one of the other shareholders who was also there at the start. “We must celebrate. How about publishing a Festschrift for the occasion?”

The meeting takes an amusing turn. Following a tale of turnover in the millions and the distribution of substantial dividends to the shareholders, everyone starts talking about a party. We want to do more together, to take pleasure in our project and not just look at the bottom line, but to celebrate Einar’s durability. Einar is made of stern stuff, and he represents the old school when it comes to associations and the local community. He is poles apart from the EU bureaucrat who presumably also works for the community. But can you even begin to compare the two?

Refreshments at the AGM consisted of traditional Danish rolled sausage or strong cheese on white bread with rings of red pepper on. This is the fare you will find in village halls anywhere in the country. The beer we enjoyed before making our way home tasted especially good. It was great to be home again.


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