Fossil free Island

The island of Samsø is going to rid itself from the use of fossil fuels. After the success in making the island 100 percent self sufficient by renewable energy sources, Samsø need a new challenge, and this is the next step. On this page, you can read up on the replacement of coal, oil and petrol.

The project and the page is under constant development, and this is only the beginning. Amongst other things seven objectives are stated, which you can read more about below.

The Vision

vission Fossil free Island
SHOWCASE: To extend Samsø’s role as a showcase for Danish know-how and experience of incorporating an energy system – without fossil fuels, and at the same time show how energy efficient solutions can be introduced to the society.

ANCHORAGE: To ensure the continued anchoring in the local community of the actions initiated, and strive for public ownership of the fossil independent island.

OPPORTUNITIES: To seize the possible opportunities to establish sustainable solutions – usually by using known and proven technologies.

INTERNATIONAL: To learn from international experience.

RESOURCES: To use the natural resources of the island in an intelligent way.

SKILLS: To establish, maintain and develop a flexible way to organize initiatives, so that the targeted work can involve both the professional and human skills that are available to the island.

What we want

det vil vi Fossil free Island

OBJECTIVE 1: Fossil fuels are not used on Samsø

This means that coal, oil or gas used for energy and transportation purposes gradually will be phased out towards 2030. Read more.

OBJECTIVE 2: The decentralized and flexible energy system for renewable energy production is maintained and further developed

This means partly that existing land- and offshore wind turbines will be replaced stepwise with new and more efficient turbines. An overall strategy for this development towards 2030 is scheduled to be in place in 2015. Read more.

OBJECTIVE 3: Fuel for transport on Samsø and to/from the island will be based on renewable energy

This means that 50% of the local fleet of cars in 2020 will be electric cars – and that in the same year 40-50% of the local commercial transport i.e. transport carried out by entrepreneurs, the agricultural sector, taxies, etc. have switched to bio-fuels or alike. Read more.

OBJECTIVE 4: Focus on significant heating savings

This means partly that within the first 10 years, 2020, the energy consumption for heating of our homes will be reduced by 30%. For industry, the energy consumption for heating will be reduced by 5% in 2020. Read more.

OBJECTIVE 5: To work for substantial savings on the electricity consumption

This means partly that the electricity use for heating in the homes of the island will not rise throughout the period until 2030 compared to consumption in 2009. Read more.

OBJECTIVE 6: Seize opportunities as they arise

It is often the case that we do not spot the opportunities to coordinate ideas and thoughts – and listen to the opportunities – such as the opportunities to jointly ensure sustainable solutions, which include several of the cultural and natural resources of Samsø. Read more.

OBJECTIVE 7: Strengthen and establish partnerships

This means that potential partners who can contribute to the financing of action plans are identified and assembled. Share solutions for neighbors and local communities are prioritized. Read more.

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