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Nordic pilot education

The UN’s ten years for education in sustainable development

In December 2002 The UN general assembly adopted a resolution which makes education an indispensable element in the efforts to achieve sustainable development. Following this resolution, the decade from 2005 to 2015 was appointed the decade for Education in Sustainable Development. In the resolution UNESCO is appointed the central organization to further the ambitions of the decade and is asked to develop a draft for an international implementation plan. At the same time, the national governments are requested to include suggestions and measures to implement the decade’s goals for education in sustainable development in their national education strategies and action plans before 2005.

In the UNESCO report ”Education for Sustainability from Rio to Johannesburg: Lessons learned from a decade of commitment” from 2002, some of the central experiences from the past ten years of education in sustainable development are described, including the conclusion ”that there is a general need to revise existing education plans and programmes in such a way that they actively build upon the concepts, skills, motivations and obligations which are essential to sustainable development”

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The resource group consists of teachers and evaluators. From the left: Jeppe Læssøe Denmark’s Educational University – Tove Holm Finland – Ulirica Taylor Sweden – Ellen Staulund Norway – Miriam Sannum Finland. In the front: Kirsten Paarby from Idebank in Norway and Malene Annikki Lundén Samsø Energy Academy Denmark.

Read the report that formed the foundation for the Nordic pilot education: Read the article about the Nordic pilot education by Gitte Larsen:

Two out of four modules in the Nordic pilot education have been held. We started in Oslo, Norway, with a focus on how to develop natural science education. All the students on the Nordic pilot education are teachers themselves, and the Nordic pilot education is an in-service training in sustainable development. The Nordic pilot education came to Samsø Energy Academy in November to learn about local ownership and how communication can support citizen involvement. How can we develop our teaching with a background in Samsø’s experiences as a model society for sustainable development? Samsø Energy Academy is a very experienced facilitator with 6000 visitors each year.




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    Rigtig godt initiativ! Er der nogle lignende events her i år?

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