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The New Year’s Nap was a success! 80 locals participated and spirits were high

Malene Annikki Lundèn – Capacity building – Communication – Design and development 
Category: Fossil-Free Island

We woke softly and were ready for the day together with the 80 persons who had chosen to spend their Saturday together with guests, firesouls and lay people from far and wide. The staff and board of Samsø Energy Academy are grateful for the support. We also want to thank the many firesouls who contributed to creating a very special meeting. Now the Energy Academy has embarked on version 3.0.


The purpose of the New Year’s Nap was spot-on.
1. The atmosphere vibrated
2. Many new opportunities arose
3. Ownership was thriving

Afternoon coffee and home-made cake accompanied by music created a good atmosphere and a cosy start to the meeting. We had the opportunity to greet each other and made a swinging check-in. “We from Ørby often think the meetings on Samsø can be a bit too serious and dry”, someone said, but that did not go for the New Year’s Nap.

Speakers’ corner
Then Samsø received a visit from outer space in the shape of a delegate from the planet “Øsmas” (also known as Tor Nørretranders) in comfortable conversation with Samsø’s mayor Marcel Meijer.

The Øsmas man asked if Marcel as the head of the island was aware of the fact that Samsø is one of the best islands in the world in one of the best countries in the world? The mayor had to chew on that for a while! Unlike Samsø, Øsmas is in the universe – maybe that’s why the planet is spelled like Samsø, only backwards!

In the fall anthropologist Rikke Ulk conducted an investigation on Samsø of the islanders’ attitudes to the Energy Island and the new Fossil-Free Island plan. What do the islanders make of all of this? Malene Lundén also talked with Rikke Ulk about the project HERE, a guide to local pioneer societies based on the experiences made on Samsø. The guide HERE is ready April 1.

Conversation salons
We still have big plans for Samsø, among other things our goal of becoming fossil independent by 2030. So it was interesting to follow the conversations that arose in the conversation salons, where the first round focused on the ferry to Aarhus, the sustainability festival, the green golf course and energy savings.

A participant who has never before visited the Energy Academy said that “we from Kolby Kaas think this meeting has been planned well – we didn’t fall asleep!”. The Energy Academy was buzzing with ideas and comments!

The next round of conversations offered wisdom and knowledge with the guests Nørretranders and Frank Bonderøv. Topics discussed were biogas, Region Midtjylland and Chora Connection.
Culture is the rallying point
The whole thing was interrupted by Angelo and Knud, who played for us. Knud from Ballen, known by many, has learned to play from Angelo, and it was thereby demonstrated that skills and knowledge can be attained – even late in life!
We had potato soup and celebrated the day with a glass. Frank Bonderøv Eriksen braided a sole of straw for his cold wooden shoes, while he talked to Søren Steensgaard about knowledge.

We feel great and we believe that everything will be fine, everyone seemed to think. We went home bubbling. A great day!

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