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Samso Energy Academy board


Behind the Academy there is an executive committee which oversees the Energy Academy’s overall direction and objectives. The committee is made up of representatives of important network partners. From the left: Karl Sperling Aalborg University, Peder bang Region Midtjylland, outgoing chairperson Eva Ryberg Teknologisk Institut, Ejnar Mortensen Samsø Energi- og Miljøkontor (Samsø Energy and Environment Office) /Samsø Havvind (Samsø Sea Wind), Næstformand Marcel Meijer Samsø Municipality, Ole Jensen NRGi utilities company, Ole Hemmingsen Samsø Energi- og Miljøkontor/Samsø business council

Chairperson Eva Ryberg will resign come the new year. Marcel Meijer will act as chairperson until the annual general meeting in March 2015.

A chairperson makes her bow 

As Yvonne in the Olsen Banden movies used to say: There comes a time in every woman’s life… And that time has come for me to say goodbye and thank you for about seven fascinating years as chairperson of Samsø Energy Academy.

When I arrived at the Energy Academy the building had just been inaugurated, but the substance – the projects, the initiatives, the organization – had yet to be defined. It has been very educational to follow and leave my mark on the process in which the Energy Academy has gone from enthusiastic Renewable Energy Island to a flexible corporation capable of putting Samsø on the world map.

Samsø Energy Academy has become an established energy institution which people listen to, and I have always been proud of representing an initiative so adept at involving citizens. A big thank you to the Academy’s employees for their co-operation and thank you also to the welcoming island which I will continue to visit.

Yours faithfully,

Eva Ryberg


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