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Samsø Energy Academy closes the school service

The service has been an offer to the local schools and the many camp schools that visit Samsø. The Energy Academy has called the service Energy Camp and Energy Safari.

By project leader Malene Annikki Lunden

”Stop while the going is good”

Samsø Energy Academy has taught about 9000 schoolchildren over the past seven years. Energy Camp has strengthened schoolchildren of all ages’ consciousness of the central role energy plays in modern life and has taught children how energy is extracted, transformed and used as well as the consequences connected to these processes. It has been our pleasure and we have met so many sweet and able students who we know will be great ambassadors for Samsø as Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island.

We have been able to provide this service and education because the Energy Academy has been supported by the Danish Energy Foundation through all seven years. The Energy Foundation is a non-profit foundation, the biggest of its kind in Denmark. The Energy Foundation has been an important partner, essential in helping Samsø maintain its position as Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island. But the Energy Foundation has decided to change its aims, which means that Samsø Energy Academy will no longer be able to offer free education to children and young people.

If you wish to learn more about the Energy Foundation, click the link

The Energy Academy has many people to thank for developing a strong foundation for our Energy Camp and Energy Safari. Thank you to the bike rental service: we would not have been able to do it if the schoolchildren’s rental bikes were not provided by you, always in good repair. Thank you to the shipping company always supporting the schools who applied for free ferry tickets. Without a dynamic camp organization making sure everyone had board and lodging we could not have done it. We have been able to stand on each other’s shoulders as one unified island.

Thank you for the trust and for inspiring kids and young people to take an interest in wind, sun and biomass. These young ambassadors now know that the winds of change are blowing and that the future can be realized as long as we have a strong resource plan. Samsø is no longer known solely for its early potatoes but also as an island self-sufficient with alternative energy.

This is an end of a fascinating chapter, and all this work with educating children and young people has been tied in a beautiful bow. Through the recognition of the publishing house Hans Reitzels Forlag, the editors Trine Ankerstjerne and professor Steen Brostrøm invited us to write a chapter in their 600 page new textbook in the theory of education, ”10 new perspectives on pedagogical work”. In the book, the Energy Academy provides new takes on how natural science education can teach and involve children today. These teaching methods have been tested through seven years’ work with appr. 9000 children and young people.

Read a chapter

Energy Camp has been very meaningful and has formed a solid foundation for further teaching. Samsø as a model society for sustainable development in a concrete, practical setting. This should provide hope for children and young people, especially as they as the

coming generation must continue the green development in a world ever more uncertain with a shortage of resources, globally rising temperatures and a changing climate. Samsø has shown children and young people from all over Denmark that there is a way!

Watch a film about our education here

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