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Samsø Energy Academy offers education in sustainable development to teachers from the northern countries

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Malene Annikki Lundèn – Capacity building – Communication – Design and development

We are absolutely thrilled, because two local primary school teachers from Samsø School have also signed up for the in-service training course for teachers from the North!

The starting point: Samsø’s experiences with the green transition, running on its 17th year
Samsø’s green transition has been a success, and on this basis we have developed serious knowledge and big data. Together with the Nordic Council of Ministers and four of the northern countries Samsø Energy Academy is now offering a New Nordic course, which is by now fully booked with 10 prospective participants on the waiting list.

From the collaborative program for the Nordic Council of Ministers for Education and Research, in force from 2015:
“The Nordic Council of Ministers has a vision that the North will become a leading region for knowledge and welfare. Through collaboration the Council wishes to strengthen a nordic strategy for sustainable development. The nordic countries have a long tradition of trust-based collaboration and have many common values, such as democracy, human rights and sustainability”.

The New Nordic course starts in Oslo March 14. The first module focuses on globality.
Read more about the modules and their content (

The ambition for our course candidates
You could be teaching social studies in the folkeskole or general education at a folk high school, or you volunteer or work in an NGO. You could also be teaching natural science, and you may have developed an interest in sustainability through your work. Or, you could be working in the public system or at the local municipal office. Last, but not least, a candidate could also be someone who is involved in urban development or you could be a driven firesoul in your local area, city or village.
All of you who motivate and inspire people to be fellow citizens and who would like for more of your colleagues at the workplace, the municipal office, or your students to take active part in the sustainable transition – you will find that our New Nordic course is for you.

The content of the course
You will develop an edge on the theories, methods and tools related to sustainable development through the classes offered at all our nordic teaching destinations.

As an applicant you need to have a concrete project you wish to develop and promote. The project will be your case for the duration of the course.
We will place a network of qualified people at your disposal, who will help make your knowledge and your project realisable in the field of sustainable development.
Through the social part of the course your social capital will be increased; you will be inspired; and you will travel to three nordic countries. The Danish destination will be Samsø. The course is qualifying and is validated with 15 ECTS points for your CV.
The course will strengthen your workplace through the new knowledge you will obtain concerning the state of the art of sustainable development. We know that your knowledge and experience will be far more relevant in relation to your personal leadership!

If you want to know more about New Nordic course click here

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