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The Energy Academy hosts a new intern from the United States

The Energy Academy hosts a new intern from the United States

Nicholas Urban, a third-year student from College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine, will be spending ten weeks (6 January until 14 March 2014) on Samsø working at the Energy Academy.

At College of the Atlantic (COA) Nick studies human ecology, an interdisciplinary field that encourages students to study the interconnectedness of humans with their social, economic, political, and natural environments. Nick has chosen to focus his educational track towards sustainable energy systems, taking courses such as “Math and Physics of Sustainable Energy” and an independent study entitled “Evaluation of Industrial Wind Power.” He has worked on several small scale energy projects at COA such as installing proper ventilation in the server room, designing a plan to convert the main kitchen’s lights to LEDs, and installing a 2.5 kW photovoltaic solar array on one of the college’s farm properties with a class of students.   

He comes to Samsø with hopes of learning the key to completing larger, community-sized energy projects, which he can bring back and apply to COA and its island community of Mount Desert. Under the supervision of Søren Hermansen, Nick will spend his time here working on several projects with various staff members such as improving the net-zero cabins and renewable energy exhibit at the Academy, developing the new online platform, and writing articles for the website.  

Nick will also spend his time planning a three-week, hands-on educational program for a class of COA students that will be spending time at the Energy Academy this fall 2014. The program will introduce students to the culture and setting of Samsø, while providing energy-related projects they will be working on during their stay. In time, this program may become a tool for the Academy to use to attract other students from all over the world to Samsø. 

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The Energy Academy welcomes Nick to Samsø and looks forward to further cultivating a relationship with COA.


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