My name is Ivona, I am coming from Croatia but I have been living in Denmark for a year now.
After coming to Denmark I heard about this ambitious carbon-neutral island in Midtjylland, so when it came to doing an internship it was easy to decide where to go. I am very passionate about climate change and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Helping cities and communities reach their goals and become carbon neutral is a great way to start making these changes, and I am excited to contribute to it

What the spring brings

In one of our newsletters sent out to the participants of the TSI project (Technical Support Instrument), we compared the phases of the project to the seasons of the year.

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What Samsø taught me

About three months ago, sometime between stepping out from a ferry in Sælvig for the first time and walking down the beach in Ballen, I fell in love with Samsø.

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