Internship from Germany at the Energy Academy, Samsø

When I first visited Samso in 2016 as a Woofer (World Wide Working on Organic Farms) I was only impressed by the beautiful landscape and the nice people. But then I found out that Samso has more to be amazed of: It is Denmarks first Sustainable Energy Island and is self-sufficent in renewable energy!
Exploring the island with my bicycle it became obvious: A lot of wind mills, an area of 2.500 m2 of solar panels for a solar heat plant and a biogas plant. I wanted to find out more about this and visited the Energy Academy – the place where all of this started. I got a very nice guided tour through the sustainable building that uses solar panels for power and heating and rain water to flush the toilet.
I kept these impressions in mind while doing my Master in Transformational Studies in Flensburg, Germany. Under the vision of a sustainable future we studied society from the bottom to the top. We talked about individual and structural changes and learned that there are actually two options for a transformation of society: By design or by disaster. I think the Energy Academy is the best example for a transformation by design. Thats why I was very happy to get the opportunity to do my internship here. I started at the beginning of March and now I cycle every day through the nordic weather – wanting the be a good example for the most eco-friendly mobility – learning about ways to address the problems of climate change. But actually I don´t only want to focus on the problems: I want to focus on the opportunities und chances we have through thinking and creating the world as we want it to be.

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