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Read latest Newsletter No. 19 - March 19 - 2019


Version 1.0

Utopia is possible
Wind, solar and biomass were crucial


Samso has as a community invested in sustainable energy systems that today are owned partly by the locals. The investment total is app 62 .000.000 EUR – it makes Samso 100% self supplied by renewables – it makes Samso inhabitants CO2 negative – emission is minus 3,7 tons pr. Inhabitant.

Version 2.0

This is not easy

Independency from oil, gasoline and diesel by 2030

Samso´s present goal is to face out fossil fuel by 2030. It happens via thorough planning and theme meetings.  The exchange of existing wind turbines and oil burners with heat pumps. Generally advising about savings and efficiency in electricity and space heating.  

Version 3.0

Common sense
  Recycling resources


The Energy Academy has after 20 years of activity become a meetinghouse for knowledge and solutions.  What it takes to make things happen! “ From Best to Next” is a way to explain what the local catalog of development initiatives anchored in existing resources and possible technical solutions


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