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The EnergyAcademy is not political

Today the personal of the EnergyAcademy received crusty rolls from VENSTRE´s local Chairmann at  Samsø Anton Lambeck.

Thank you for a professional nice program and visit at the local meeting house “Energiakademiet” where VENSTRE from Odder-Skanderborg districts participated. Business Manager at Energiakademiet Jesper Roug was in charge of the mediation about Samsø Energiakademi´s vision as project- og process organization.

Energiakademiet employs  8 full year staffs with a basic financing from Energistyrelsen and from Energifonden. In addition to this projects from  Chalmers University of Technology, ERA Net Smart Grid Plus Call and Aarhus 2017 Europæisk Kulturhovedstad are part of the EnergiAcademy workin focus.

It was a great event with high engagement with many questions to the green transition of Samsø from1997 – 2007 and now implementing the facing out of the fossil energy 20 years before the rest of Danmark. Back in 2010 the EnergiAcademy in collaboration with Plan Energy Skørping worked with Energy Category Managent for municipalities in Region Midt. VENSTRE Odder/Skanderborg did participate as two of the progressive municipalities with high focus at the green transformation. Every second year newfullsizerender Energy category numbers are adjusted and updated.


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