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magnus-hanevold15-year-old Magnus Hanevold from Samsoe School is in week 41 trainee at Samsoe Energy Academy.

In week 41, on Samsoe School, the week is devoted so the older students have the opportunity to get work experience in an optional workplace, which contain the topic or working methods that the student find interesting.

Since I personally have a very great interest in the scientific spectrum, I have wanted to get an internship at Samsoe Energy Academy.My wish was fortunatly fulfilled, and I am now temporary intern at the Samsoe Energy Academy.
My expectations for my stay as a trainee at the academy were very few, since I had no specific knowledge about its working, work orientation etc. I still had a few thoughts about some adjectives that could be associated with the academy: “Project oriented”, “questioning” and “imaginative” were few of the words that I bigoted had associated with the academy.
Right before eight o’clock, as I opened the front door, it seemed like these words were a natural reality. Thousands of handwritten Post-Its and several tall plants were decking the walls and floor.
Through the week, I would like to learn a lot about renewable energy, and have good time with my temporary colleagues.
Magnus Hanevold.

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