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ISLE PACT has action plans ready

The municipality of Samsø entered “The Pact of Islands” in 2010 in cooperation with 11 partners from other European islands. The Mayor of Samsø obliged with his signature the municipality to assure, that we will have cut at least 20% of our CO2 emissions by 2020. So far 62 island authorities in 10 EU countries have signed the Pact. A huge success is within reach.

Now the islands have come far. In several places action plans have been made giving the pathway towards the goals for the individual partner islands. Renewable energy installations and energy savings will be realized.

Samsø has a strong platform for new actions towards the fossil free society. The Masterplan for the fossil free island by 2030 is now ready – the action plans are taking form too. You will hear a lot about this in 2012.

The EU financed Isle Pact project will by the end of the project in summer 2012 have developed a set of tools for renewable energy solutions on the European islands. Samsø has taken the lead by being a good example.

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