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Carbon Flow on the Island of Samso

It is globally discussed and widely aknowledged that we are forced to shift from fossil fuel to renewable energy. It is also widely accepted that is important to focus on the work energy that the nature can provide, because we are dependent on the ecosystem services, which to a high extent is the basis for many of our activities including providing drinking water, food and other consumer goods that sweeten our lives. A new project addressing the carbon flow will start soon using Samsø as case.

Villum and Velux fondene has granted funding to implement a development project on the above. Samso Energy Academy will in cooperation with partners in-and outside the island next year conduct a project that focus on the carbon flow and the work energy available for the island. The unique is the focus on the concrete use of the project results. The objective is – with Samso as a role model – to develop a relatively simple tool. This tool should provide an overall assessment evaluating the sustainability in relation to the ressources available.

Futher information can be obtained by contacting Birgit Holmboe, Samso Energy Academy kd.te1534282769imeda1534282769kaigr1534282769ene@h1534282769b1534282769

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