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Implementing Sustainable Development

“All is Connected…No One Thing Can Change by Itself”

Paul Hawken

Meet Mr Benjamin

His website

Benjamin Shorofsky travelled around the world last summer to visit sustainable developments projects. The trip went also to Samso Energy Academy. He was linked to several employess at the Energy Academy to get knowledge regard his study project. The Energy Academy via Samsø Energi Camp is the teaching platform at the Academy. We will in the future investigate and develope the following to produce approx. 4 field sites to students from all over the world.

His only rule was never to turn down a meal, and for each meal he gained a new friend. Benjamin’s focus on the trip was to get an experience for live, but also to make research to his study project “Implementing sustainable Development” på Northwestern Universitet.

Here are an excerpts from his project:

I set out on my circumnavigation with only one rule – never turn down a meal. With each new meal, I gained new friend, learned something about the world and explored. This website is intended to serve as the log for my circumnavigation and inspire others to exhaust themselves in the glorious pursuit of happiness.

Lessons Learned

Samsø has a very successful model when it comes to SD projects dealing with renewable energy. Their success can first and foremost be linked to the way in which they created community buy-in as a result of the ownership structure of the turbines. The community saw the power of such a project when the economic benefits were passed on to them. Also, this project showed that large shifts toward sustainability can be made with minimal changes to lifestyles. The energy usage on the island was converted to meet demand but the demand was not restricted. Whether this can expand to a larger scale is still yet unseen but large jumps can be made through shifts that do not affect people’s day to day lives.

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