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The Energy Academy in EU debat on sustainability

The Energy Acaddemy’s director Søren Hermansen will participate in a panel debate on sustainability on November 4th 2013 in Belgium. The debate is hostet by the EU initiative SDO (Sustainable Development Observatory).

Here he will try to answer a number of question in his speech:

  • What has Samso achieved – the success story?
  • How the initiative came to life – the policy framework that enabled it, the local community initiative?
  • How has the transition impacted the lives of different stakeholders?
  • How did the process go? What went well (success factors), where were the difficulties/obstacles?
  • Lessons and recommendations to draw from the experience

Read more, see the programme and register for the conference here.

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  1. Jimmy Flindt says:

    Inden kommunalvalget den 19. november opfordres miljøbevidste samsinge til at overveje at stemme for det europæiske bogerinitiativ om oprettelse af en miljødomstol i Europa til at dømme i sager om Ecocide (dvs. ødelæggelse af øko-systemer) i Europa:

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