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Download info folder from The Energy Academy

A new info folder on Samsoe as Denmarks Renewable Energy Island and Fossil Free Island has replaced the old one. Many new initiatives has be put in motion, and this is why The Energy Academy has updated the folder about the green island in the middle of the world.

You and the rest of the visitors on the Academy can read about local and sustainable energy, and you can find out which green initiatives already exists, and which are in the making.

There is stories on electric cars and the new gas powered ferry and more. And you will find out the windmills on Samsoe took an investment of 300 million DKK (close to 55 million USD), and that 3700 Samsonians personally invested 70 percent of the total 440 million DKK (just above 80 million USD) in renewable energy.

You can pick up the folder at The Energy Academy on Samso, Denmark, or you can download it electronically below.

English low resolution: Download PDF

Danish and English, high resolution (for print): Download PDF

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  1. Heat pumps are mentioned under the Low Energy Houses section. Is that like a geothermal heat pump?

  2. Jacob Wenzel says:

    Hi Mary

    Thank you for your question! I have just received this answer from my co-worker:

    “Low Energy Houses does use a very low temperatures for their heating systems. Floorheating or the newer types use wallheating systems.

    Heat pump systems general, air/Water or water/Water have the highest effect by using low temperature, 20-35 degr.

    Kind Regards

    Bernd Garbers
    External Techn. Consultant
    Samsø Energy Academy”

    Hope this answers you question. You are more than welcome to follow up, if you have others.


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