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New video: Electric cars on Samso

The Energy Academy has received financial support from the Danish Energy Agency in order to examine the current barriers and opportunities which Samsø will encounter in the process towards becoming fossil free by 2030.

In the island’s big green transition, the transportation sector is seen as a determining factor if the 2030 goal is to be realised. The Energy Academy knows that if the transition of the transport sector goes too fast and doesn’t have the sufficient financial basis, the whole venture might come to nothing. Therefore, the Energy Academy is in the process of investigating the solutions needed to support electric vehicles in the island’s transport sector.

The individual citizen needs guidance, and the infrastructure with regards to the charging of the cars must be in place. These criteria are being ticked off the list, and the islanders have even founded their own electric car society, which is currently optimizing and learning what it takes for the individual citizen to be willing to replace his or her conventional car with an electric car.

Four charging points for cars as well as bikes have now been established around the island. These small first steps are vital for the next steps, and the Energy Academy is witnessing how a project such as this, supported by the Energy Agency, is promoting local ownership on Samsø. Samsø is, once more, an island of pioneers, of First Movers!

Watch the film (in Danish) and learn more about the economics of replacing your old car with an electric car.

Lundén, M and Bo, F


El-biler på Samsø: Fossilfri Ø.




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      1. Martin Hagen says:

        Samsø med egen elbilforening! Stilig! Fin video dere har laget. Lykke til med satsingen videre!

        Martin Hagen
        Norsk Elbilforening

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