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Eve Fisher: Legal limitations to clean community energy

The Energy Academy hosts international visitors all year round. In early spring 2014 teacher, journalist and city council member Eve Fisher from Surf Shire, Australia stopped by to get first hand impression of the success story of Samso’s community driven, sustainable energy transformation.

She use the inspiration for a report on “Legal limitations to clean community energy” in her local community – for instance the clash between traditional top-down legislation and bottom-up community power.

The Energy Academy received the report, and we added to our new digital distribution platform “The Energy Institute”.

Read and be inspired by the report below or click your way further on to the “Institute”.

Fisher, E


Legal limitations to clean community energy.

Project Report.
Surf Coast Shire.



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Eve Fisher Legal limitaions to clean community energy.pdf

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      Item Type: Monograph

      (Project Report)

      Creators:Fisher, E
      Projects:Renewable Energy Island — Vedvarende Energi-Ø, Fossil Free Island — Fossilfri Ø, Samso Energy Academy — Samsø Energiakademi, Research — Forskning, Commonity — Fælledskab
      Date Deposited:07 Aug 2014 09:20
      Last Modified:16 Sep 2014 11:41

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