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Huffington Post meet DK First 100% Renewable-Energy Island.

Editor: Søren Hermansen is the director of Samsoe Energy Academy and the head of the Samsoe renewable energy island project, which he has been working on for 10 years. His mission is to demonstrate that it is possible to create a society which is self-sufficient and 100% based on renewable energy.

Denmark and the island of Samso is the “Go To” destination for the world to learn about the successful transition to the low-carbon economy. In 1995, at COP 3 in Kyoto, Denmark, Sweden and Germany agreed to cut CO2 emissions at that time by 21%. This commitment was followed in…

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Cop21 from Huffintonpost

This has lead to a 100% self-supplied renewable-energy community. The CO2 emissions are today negative! Most space heating is supplied from district heating. Boilers burn straw and distribute hot water to heat houses — and 75% of all houses are connected. The rest use heat pumps, individual biomass boilers and/or solar thermal.Electricity comes from 11 MW of wind turbines producing 100% of the average yearly consumption23MW offshore wind power compensates for the transport sector’s energy consumption. Samso has the highest number of electric vehicles per capita in Denmark! A new ferry uses Liquid Natural Gas, but it will soon be upgraded and fueled by methane from a local biogas digester.

We (the Non profit energy organization) acted as the voice of the people. We callednumerous meetings and participated in local talks about future possibilities — and soon we saw that people “bought into” this new concept of potential jobs, green energy for heating, electricity from wind power or just the social dimension of meeting with the community. You can say we recreated community by addressing the interest of the commons (being wind, solar and biomass) and leaving the ownership to the community.

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