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SEK teach in learning and experimentation for adult education practitioners from EU.

At Samsoe the group Move Makes was testing two total new prototypes. Those ned product is based and build on 17 years of experience with going step by step to a more green transition that make Samsø 100% self supplied with alternativ energy.

What have the islanders from Samsoe learnt ? How can others copy the best pracis to there nexst pracis ?

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The program aims to support practitioners in education to take bold and innovative steps in shifting education and learning environment when needed, so that learning for everyone will be meaningful, life-long, inspiring.

The program offers the skills, knowledge and mindset to be an innovator and a doer in the field of adult education. It is a learning journey to co-create new ways of learning to be implemented in real life.

The program is open for participants from Estonia, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Germany, 5 per country. The application time is over. If you are curious how else to be involved, send an email: ue.sr1524473809ekame1524473809vom@t1524473809erip1524473809

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