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Theme: Centre and Periphery

Opposing concepts, “center” and “periphery” are ever-present at Samsø Energy Academy. The work we carry out both locally and internationally is based on the crisis that a loss of autonomy and resources presents for the rural regions of the world when political power is centralized and people move into cities.

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Theme: Resilience

What is resilience? What does it mean for our way of living in the world, and why do the inhabitants of Samsø seem to possess an especially high degree of resilience?

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Søren Hermansen: On Samsø, we are cross-pollinating ourselves for resilience

Søren Hermansen: On Samsø, we cross-pollinating ourselves for resilience Januar 5, 2017 – Af Søren Hermansen – Interview with Samsø Energy Academy’s Director Søren Hermansen on the topic of resilience: “Resilience has become a scientific concept that expresses a situation where you must survive an threat. So your ability to survive in relation to the

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