Nuværende projekter

Fieldlab Samsø and Ålborg University

With 20 years of development and Samsø as a “field lab,” we’ve gathered experience within energy planning and optimization based on the Danish transition of phasing out fossil fuels, leading to far more sustainable development in Denmark.

The cracks that make way for light

The goal of the project is to demonstrate and convey to the public the latest solutions within LED light technology, as well as the interaction between artificial and natural light. The demonstration of artificial light will take place by modifying sources of light, intensity, the composition of colors, and adjustments in relation to the functions and geometry of the rooms.

The Ladybug “Tentou project”

The Tentou Partnership wants to inspire communities around the globe who share the same principles to make a difference and formulate a new narrative for a required global paradigm shift that can tackle climate change.

Islands of innovation

European island areas face several challenges such as depopulation, isolation, vulnerable environments and limited economic activity. European island is a common European project that deals with the problems.

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