A new initiative sees the light of day

These people have all been chosen by us because they have tirelessly and repeatedly at the best pioneer spirit told far and wide about the work of the Energy Academy. A big and heartfelt thank you must be given here. Some have even spent weeks coming here and becoming part of the organization. Many have familiarized themselves with the many details and invited people all the way to Samsø and held meetings at the energy academy. We have been puzzled for a long time and now is the time and desire perhaps of being able to form a community. Therefore, we have been a little vulnerable and humbly asked if these people could see themselves as our future local ambassadors! They could! We must meet face to face and turn what this community could entail and what an ambition that could be for the individual. It is completely voluntary, an insanely good opportunity to be able to exchange both ways. At the same time, there are also opportunities in that potential for all of us, for Samsø and for the Energy Academy. The green men in our backyard are a wonderful example of pioneers who volunteer in the spirit of the energy academy, in their very own way. We have two major art projects in Japan and now in Canada that need care and attention. We need to create the depths of the people where our ambassadors could play a crucial role, such as founding Mothers and Fathers.
“When I visited Samsø in 2016, I was impressed by the beautiful landscape and the lovely people. But then I found out that Samso is far more than beautiful: It is Denmark’s first island of sustainable energy and is self-sufficient in renewable energy!”
“The promised land. The ideal workplace. In my head, an institution that over the last many years has made more sense than any other workplace and now, to a greater extent than ever, still does. ”
“It makes so much sense to be an ambassador for Samsø Energy Academy … It is no longer a question of when or how we change our way of life. The time is up…. it is now”
“I am a teacher at our local primary school. I have for several years at times collaborated with the Energy Academy on teaching and sustainability. At Samsø Energi Akademi, you meet inspiring and innovative people who inspire change and action. “
“I am impressed with the Energy Academy and their ability to inspire people, to the extent that Samsø is now CO2-neutral. An achievement that was achieved because people thought it was a good idea in terms of climate, and just as important as it made good business sense. “
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