Malene Lundén

Malene is a trained documentary photographer and an artist.

She is also head of the Samsø Energy Academy Communications Department.

 “In a small society everything counts and it gives my life a daily mystery that I know that I’m just a small part of something bigger that I can measure and weigh.

Art is my great habitat and therefore I have decided that all my actions and everything I work with must contain art.”

Malene is a trained documentary photographer from the Nordic School of Photography in Sweden. She has an improvisational education in performance from Studio Five – NYC. The Theater Work Center – Bali. She is an educated gestalt therapist and uses theory and phenomenology in all she is dealing with. Phenomenology is an experience philosophy; Its slogan is “to the case itself”.

Malenes physical center is Samsø as a HERE. In her works, productions and texts you will be able to feel or think: why this? Malene works deliberately with the strength of what polarities can create of life.

“If you accept your polarities instead of rejecting them, you stop projecting.”

"If you accept your polarities instead of rejecting them, you stop projecting."

Japan visit

Japan and Denmark have close cooperation both in industrial and civil society. The energy academy will return to Japan and this time, science and art will be in the heyday of several Japanese art museums

Malene Lundén: What is happiness

These days, people talk about the magical attraction of the city – about our need to be in the center, to move away from the periphery. Yet what is it like to go against the tide, to leave the city and embrace the country?