Søren Hermansen

Søren Hermansen is the director of the Samsø Energy Academy and has been a pionéer and driving force behind Samsø’s transformation and success as a renewable energy island. 

Here you can follow Søren’s experiences and aspirations based on his encounters with people from all over the world – from Indians in Canada to industry leaders in Japan, from the neighbors of Samsø to the EU officials. 


Søren Hermansen: Down Under

Efter næsten en måned i det sydlige Australien er jeg nu på vej hjem. En måned er nok tid til at give dig en følelse af, hvad der foregår her. Det store problem er kul.


In Canada

I have always been fascinated by native indians. I couple of years ago i met Christoffer Henderson. He invited to work with an international group on climate change and what to do.