Theme: Centre and Periphery

Opposing concepts, “center” and “periphery” are ever-present at Samsø Energy Academy. The work we carry out both locally and internationally is based on the crisis that a loss of autonomy and resources presents for the rural regions of the world when political power is centralized and people move into cities. As part of the so-called “outskirts” of Denmark, Samsø, by way of geography, is relegated to the periphery. But does this really make sense when much of society’s physical and ideological development actually comes from the “periphery”? Artist Malene Lunden and political party Chair Uffe Elbæk, both have challenged the concept of “center” in their respective fields.



Uffe Elbæk

Uffe Elbæk is the leader of the Danish political party The Alternative Party and embodies the movement from the periphery to the Centre. Uffe writes about the theme Centre and Periphery on our blog.

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Malene Lundén

Malene works with communication and art at Samso Academy. She writes about the theme Centre and Periphery on this blog and also contributes with blogs on art.

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Blog Posts

Malene Lundén: What is happiness

These days, people talk about the magical attraction of the city – about our need to be in the center, to move away from the periphery. Yet what is it like to go against the tide, to leave the city and embrace the country?

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