Theme: Resilience

What is resilience? What does it mean for our way of living in the world, and why do the inhabitants of Samsø seem to possess an especially high degree of resilience? Guest blogger Ole Fogh Kirkeby, Professor at Copenhagen Business School, has written a blog entry on resilience in Away Is Good, entitled “What is fragility?” Samsø Energy Academy’s Director Søren Hermansen also reflects on the topic in Home is Best.


Ole Fogh Kirkeby

As Professor of Leadership Philosophy at Copenhagen Business School, Ole is one of Denmark’s greatest academics who in an amazing way approaches theory with the sensitivity of an artist. Ole writes about the theme of Resilience on our blog.

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Blogger: Søren Hermansen

Søren Hermansen is the director of the Samsø Energy Academy and has been a pionéer and driving force behind Samsø’s transformation and success as a renewable energy island.

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Theme 2017: Resilience

In this article professor Ole Fogh Kirkeby looks at the word ‘fragility’ because we often speak using completely different hard-sounding words when it comes to climate change and the environment.

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