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Circular economy and Samso knowledge in town development

By project manager Trine Balskilde Stoltenborg
Category: Education

One of the predominant sustainability trends at the moment is circular economy, reflecting a thinking which the Energy Academy has been a part of for several years. Therefore it is only natural that the Academy will participate in developing the new district Lisbjerg in the city of Aarhus from a circular economy-perspective. The project aims at collecting knowledge and inspiration and disseminating circular economy concepts to public authorities, the construction industry, builders and others who can usefully think circular economy into their business models.


The Energy Academy is an advisor in the project “Lisbjerg, model city of circular economy”, which is a a part of the municipality development plan 2015-2016 for Central Denmark Region “Rethink Business – green development”. Project partners are Ringgården Housing Association, Aarhus Municipality, Samsoe Energy Academy and AplusB architects.

The project has invited NCC, +energy and other actors to a workshop where construction and operation of housing is rethought in circular economy loops and where circular economy thinking is incorporated at the district level as well as in everyday life. Purpose of the workshop is to jointly seek optimizations of the building complex Ringgården in order to increase the project’s demonstration value as an example of circular economy thinking.

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