Climate Calculation

Climate Calculation


Purpose and Description:
The purpose is to contribute to the conversion of our energy system to renewable energy towards 2050 (2030 on Samsø) by building knowledge, developing common strategies and coordinating energy planning across municipalities and energy players in central Jutland.

Sustainability Goals:

goal 11

7. – Affordable and Clean Energy 11. – Sustainable Cities and Communities 12. – Responsible Consumption and Production 13. – Climate Action

Siden 1997 og hvert andet år frem til 2017

Progress and Conclusion:
The joint strategic energy planning has since 1997 contributed to:

• Meeting the national goal of 100% renewable energy
• Reduce sub-optimisation
• Reduce the risk of misplacement
• Increase business promotion and employment
• Create  a lift of knowledge and contribute to networks across municipalities
• Documenting the direction of the consumption over a number of years

Local particepants:
Energy producers and consumers on Samsø

19 Municipalities across  central Jutland and Planenergi.

Region Midt and Samsø Municipality

Criteria for success:
The Energy Calculation , and the further development of this for a climate calculation has a success criteria, measured on continued work on climate, environment and resources to ensure that there is still work being done with sustainable development. The challenges are big and complex. They require a solution rigth now – as well as a long term plan. We must at work with both prevention and adaptation in regards climate change. Being able to solve such complex issues requires collaboration across educational institutions, municipalities, private companies and other stakeholders. Focus has been and will continue to be on working with sustainabilty and climate adaption.


Development from Energy Calculation to Climate Calculation.
Samsø muncipalty, Samsø Energy Academy and PlanEnergi have started a development of a Calimate Calculation covering the emmision of the following gasses, CH4, N2O as well as carbon storage.
The calculation are based on IPCC’s standards and the development of it draws on data from Samsø. The purpose of the calculations(which is still being developed) is to provide concrete examples of how the calculations can function, as among other things a planning tool. The concrete examples are based on “Agriculture, forestry and other land use”, this is what Samsø has wanted to develop first. The purpose is also to gain knowledge about the general interest in the calculation development, Seeing what parts of the calculation and levels are wanted and needed by the different municipalities’ perspective.

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