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Energy Academy’s very own chaos pilot (in the sense) Malene Annikki Lunden is on the list of contributors in 2016 thesis ‘TOPIA‘ – IMPOSSIBLE – I’M POSSIBLE (Kaospilot team 20 final projects) with the article ‘Whistleblower‘ Read article here

Malene has for many years worked closely with chaos pilots, as a client, partner, inspiration and sensor.

I’ve always dreamed of being a trained pilot chaos, because the young students have their finger on the pulse of all the intervals are not being filled. I have over time had a lot of chaos pilots associated with my work on the Samso Energy Academy. They are top specialists on how processes can promote everything from vision to new ideas and more crucial for the necessary community initiatives that create resilience.

resilience, psychological concept of a special resilience, which means that some people are doing well, despite the fact that their living conditions poses a risk of developing such mental injuries. The term is used especially for children, the so-called dandelion children develop well, even though they grow up in hazardous environments.

Resilience, developed in the interaction between characteristics and environment. A good friend or a supportive caregiver can for example remedy straining family relationships. Extroversion and contact force can in some cases help the child; conversely, some introspection and restraint help the child, for example, is in danger of ending up in criminal environments where aggression is at a premium. One can not point to unique features to promote resilience but must accommodate every case in the organization of the social educational work.


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