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6 years of digetal Construction

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Thank you! – from the entire staff at Samsø Energy Academy.

Samsø Energy Academy says sincerely thanks to all of you in cyberspace, who minded project ” digital innovation that promotes a sustainable lifestyle. ” There are now 9 Nordic nominated, and now it’s up to the jury to find what they seemed includes digital innovation. Energy Academy v / project manager Malene Lunden has worked for 6 years to build the global digital community to promote green lifestyle.

Reason for nomination

What has the energy academy done?

Samsø was Denmark Renewable Energy Island in 1997. 10 years later the goal was reached, and the island was 100% percent self-sufficient, with local energy from wind solar and biomass, why was the earlier website and logo in many ways played out. At this point, Samsø and Energy Academy could have stopped development entirely, as the goal of 100% renewable energy was obtained.
In 2007, we had approximately 5000 visitors from around the world that would come see and experience Denmark’s renewable energy island. SEA evaluated the objectives of the first 10 years via an energy report developed in collaboration with PlanEnergi from Aalborg. Energy Academy knew that working with such entire transport sector locally was a challenge. Technology and policy framework phrase was not ready. Therefore, we asked each other locally, on the island and Energy Academy to work with the following potential opportunities to go ahead to the rest of society, and come up with new suggestions on how we continue to work to become independent of fossil fuels (oil and diesel). Therefore objective to become independent of fossil fuels by 2030.

In 2007, the island with the Energy Academy as a catalyst, begins to meet across sectors. SEA would like to develop the next step as a conceptual today called version 2.0. SEA worked the crucial ‘stakeholders’ from across the island. The goal was along to see what and which projects beyond renewable energy that would be crucial for the island in the future as a vibrant community. There is today a report and two films that describe what the people elected together to prioritize. In parallel with the local process and meetings included in version 2.0, started the SEA process with the Energy Academy’s global network; “FROM BEST TO NEXT” which is a conference method which has run over a 6-year period of Samsø Energy Academy. How can global communities met physically on the island and they would spend the time. They came all biennially to Samsø, to develop (among others) the physical global meeting point. There was from the global community recommended that Samsø Energy Academy was to launch a digital database. A database where people from all over the world be able to search data and learn from Samsø Energy Academy experience.
Samsø, Denmark’s renewable energy island, is now in the process of phasing out fossil fuels.

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1. In 2009, the SEA a brand new digital profile and website and a new logo . In corporation with two young entrepreneurs Jacob Wenzel and Leon Sloth from ” More to Come “. Everything from new logo to content, as well as two annual newsletters for selecting fonts for color codes. Communication Strategy, a weekly news written by employees, visitors, students, students. Energy Academy’s news was a diverse chorus of voices.

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Old logo ” Kites and wind” from 1997 – 2007               The new logo “A core moving out” from 2009 – 2016

After 6 months with the new website, analyzed SEA v/Malene Lunden website visitor statistics, as well as content and design together with the Danish School of Journalism v/Inger K. Larsen and the Danish Design Center. From 2007 to 2009, the new website analyzed on two parameters, who visited us and how long they were on the site. The analysis showed visits from 37 countries , visitors were at the site an average of 30 seconds. Therefore Malene Lunden took a new strategy by launching two media stations (Vimeo and Youtube) and began publishing small documentary on Energy College’s work on sustainable development. The analysis subsequently showed that visitors rose from 37 countries to 58 countries and visiting hours rose to an average of 30 seconds to 3 minutes, it was a successful analysis and collaboration.



2. The digital web archive ‘ ‘

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The file is divided into four categories:
1. Researchers and students
2. Officials and Police Joiner
3. Contractors and Developers
4. Enthusiasts and other interested

Malene Lunden discovered that data from process 1997 – 2007 ‘Denmark’s renewable energy island’ contained important knowledge as the rest of the world could learn from. Therefore SEA scanned about 50 kg of data from the period Malene Lunden found relevant to the outside world. Subsequently built the SEA web archive in close collaboration with a small development team and programmer Jacob Wenzel.
Web archive was online in 2014 and today in 2016 with 11,224 registered downloads. WAR is based on ‘open source’, which means that everyone can follow the documents as the outside world choose to download. The info is currently useful for Energy Academy’s daily work. This is what we call a ‘win win’ situation. In daily operation the archive is updated via all employees at SEA that upload projects and reports, articles and movies among other things. You can find the WAR right of the energy academy website. With “user” refer to both individuals and society. “Energy Institute” is an open working title since Samso Energy Academy is an association which has the following aims and statutes, to promote learning and knowledge.

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3. What is E -learning and why?

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Energy Academy has daily inquiries from around the world, there is a clear need from the outside world, as short and hard all about how it can be learned to create development that generates conversion from fossil fuels to renewable energy.
Energy Academy is today a small project organization that lives by creating projects that develop and convert our energy supply while promoting energy reductions on the island. Energy Academy today can only receive visitors who can pay for their visit or upgrading. Therefore, Malene Lunden recommended implementation and analysis, what an E -learning platform can offer.
The prototype is ready Here is the total content where some of the courses are held. Energy savings are driven by Jan Jantzen and Michael Kristensen from the Energy Academy. The plan is to draw up a target group analysis and a business model for how e-learning platform can be operated in the future. We expect to be ready to offer two test runs in 2017.

4. An Anthropology and guide to local pioneer community

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Anthropology is electronic and guide is a physical cover with 11 kort. Processen have a 3-year project process supported by ‘Velux Foundation’ project aimed to develop new tools that can upgrade the SEA and its partners and audiences.
The project has been researching and testing the Energy Academy 17 years of experience and big data. How can experience and data developed and designed for new prototypes and services that hopefully can teach more people about successful local sustainable transition. The anthology is electronic and contains approximately 22 articles, 5 films, 5 visual models and a pioneer games. This capacity tool is in use and Energy Academy has recently used it on New Nordic training of teachers and educators from all over Scandinavia.

Read more of the Nordic education program

Pioneerguide HERE

5.The global membership organization and community for the promotion of sustainable living

The nomination of the SEA for the Nordic Council Environment Prize, sees SEA a great opportunity again to make visible to the outside world to the Energy Academy is in the process of capacity building and build a global digital community. If SEA winner will member association have initial economy to embark already 1 December 2016. Member association aims to be built in close cooperation with the Energy Academy’s Board of Directors and the association Samsoe Environment and Energy Office and all our members. Member Association “ON CHOICE” will offer different types of services, as well as the ability to get on the E-learning course.
The working title of the upcoming global member association is ‘On Choice’


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