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Guide to danish pioneer societies: the guide ‘here’ and the web anthology are ready

Category: Education
Malene Annikki Lundèn – Capacity building – Communication – Design and development

The loss of our sense of place has become an exciting pivotal point and phenomenon which arose in the investigation and development of the guide ‘HERE’ and the electronic anthology.

I, Malene Lundén, am project manager at Samsø Energy Academy, and for the last three years I have interviewed, listened and planned local meetings together with external stakeholders and the local population on Samsø.

Together with a team of experts I have collected data and checked these data with the local population of Samsø. Is it really true that Samsø has created jobs, developed a better local economy and elevated the island’s mindset when it comes to local capacity building? Through its green development Samsø has created many robust, new baselines. Yes, our data collection and analysis tell us that it is so.

So what is it that has happened and continues to happen in the sustainable transition and development on Samsø?


The guide ‘HERE’ gives some solid answers to this question, while the anthology points to the directions that must be present if a whole community is to develop the trust it takes to take on the vision of transitioning to 100% self-sufficiency through alternative, sustainable energy sources. The project is supported by the VELUX Foundation.

Even though we have left the industrial age, the development continues. Already in 2011 McKinsey Global Institute made clear that Big Data will become the foundation of future competition by creating the basis for innovation, productivity improvements and closer relations. Studies show that the corporations and organisations doing the best today are the ones that are working with clearly formulated target group strategies and use data as a central tool in their work.

A recent report from the Aberdeen Group even points out that firms and organisations with a solid growth in their data volume do better than firms and organisations without such growth. They tend to have a strategic approach to the collection, analysis, sharing and proactive use of data in all the firms’ contact points with their customers.

The grant from VEUX has given us a solid basis on which to develop all these initiatives, which the report from the Aberdeen Group emphasises as growth parameters for organisations. The guide ‘HERE’ will be used for internal capacity building at Samsø Energy Academy as well as externally with our partners. Our experiences have become usable data, and we believe that in the future we will succeed in using the guide ‘HERE’ for furthering new, innovative areas within sustainability in a context of education and design.

The physical guide can be seen at the Energy Academy and in Copenhagen where it is launched in mid-May.
The electronic guide can be seen online from April 1 2016.

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