Uffe Elbæk

In many ways, the leader of the Danish political party The Alternative Party embodies the movement from the periphery to the middle. Uffe was born in 1954 in the small town of Ry, far from Denmark’s central government, yet due to his political career he ended up living in Frederiksberg, an independent enclave of Copenhagen. Unlike most other politicians, he started out by studying to be a social worker, getting his degree from Peter Sabroe Seminary in Aarhus. Since then, Uffe became famous as a cultural entrepreneur and founder of the Chaos Pilots school. Yet starting in 2009, Uffe has spent most of his time in politics, and since 2015 he’s been the leader of The Alternative Party.

Samsø Energy Academy is proud to welcome Uffe Elbæk as a guest blogger.Despite his position in the Danish center of power, Uffe has a particular understanding of the periphery’s significance in a democracy. It was out in the bare naked fields of the political periphery that few politicians visit or think of, that The Alternative Party blossomed, and it is this experience that we are curious to hear about in The Positive Change blog.