Peter Engberg

Few artists have the ability to reconcile the film world’s technical science with spiritual power – Peter Engberg (born 1946), however, is one of them: he has been on numerous journeys in his life and directed international award-winning documentary films. He has traveled in over 50 countries and led film expeditions in Sahara, Sinai, Bhutan, Belize, Guatemala, Nepal, Peru and Mali with his camera to reach the bottom and top of human existence. 

Among other things. He has interviewed Dalai Lama, Mikhail Gorbatjov, Peter Høeg, Thor Heyerdahl and astronaut Edgar Mitchell but here on the blog we turn the lens towards Peter himself because of his insight into the potential that can trigger a paradigm shift in our way of thinking. 

According to Peter Engberg, the potential is about the ability to let go of control – something he developed when he lived in a Japanese zen temple several years ago and practiced archery with the monks.

Holding on and letting go

In Zen archery, there is not only the goal outside yourself. There is also an inner goal that is just as important: Knowing when to let go, not only of the arrow, but also of your attempts to control, define and explain – and in doing that, you begin to discover a self deeper than your mind.

"There is a field beyond all the right and all the wrong. Let's meet there."

Peter Engberg