Citizen in the center

Green transition with the citizen in the center

#3 Climate communication

In recent years, climate change has filled much of the political and public discourse in Denmark. There is a lot at stake, and many actors would like to stand out in the debate on how we can best solve the challenge we face. Therefore, there is a need for clear communication about what are the most appropriate solutions. Does it really make a difference that I eat less meat? Should we just plant more trees? There is a need for the constructive and engaging narratives to gain a stronger foothold, and for scientifically based answers to the population’s doubts and questions to fill the public space. The popular mobilization and support is also essential in order to create space to implement the radical changes that are needed over the next 10 years.

Politicians and NGO’s have struggled with this issue for decades. Denmark has one of the world’s most ambitious climate goals. But if we are to reach our goal, we must include the citizens.

Samsø is the best example of how to succeed in creating a common narrative that has won wide support.

This project puts the citizen at the center. What moves the Danes? How do we as a society make the sustainable choices that are crucial to our future.



Viegand Maagøe: Viegand Maagøe

as consulting house specialists in green conversion. But whether the customer is a state, municipality or company, the challenge is the same: to make the green transition relevant and present.

Projectleader: Malene Lundén

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