The Energy Academy is among many things also a project organization.

This means that we apply for different programs in the EU system and in correspondingly framed programs. The projects must be relevant to the Academy’s overall work for a sustainable future and in relation to climate change. But also inrelation to the resulting effects, such as decentralized solutions for energy supply, job creation and innovation in the local community.

In other words, the projects contribute to strengthening the Academy’s position as an active partner that can deliver progress and development in society and, in that context, get funded the daily tasks. We provide advice and help with energy calculations and meeting set ups, we write reports and send applicat ions. It costs time and money. The projects help to justify and pay the staff and the operations needed to have a dynamic Energy Academy.



Ongoing projects

Prototype Samsø Foundation

Prototype Samsø Foundation’s programs build on the success of community driven energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy in Scandinavia – particularly on Samsø, one of the world’s leading models for this transition.

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Fieldlab Samsø and Aalborg University

With 20 years of development and Samsø as a “field lab,” we’ve gathered experience within energy planning and optimization based on the Danish transition of phasing out fossil fuels, leading to far more sustainable development in Denmark.

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The cracks that make way for the light

The goal of the project is to demonstrate and convey to the public the latest solutions within LED light technology, as well as the interaction between artificial and natural light. The demonstration of artificial light will take place by modifying sources of light, intensity, the composition of colors, and adjustments in relation to the functions and geometry of the rooms.

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Samsoe Version 2.0

The Version 2.0 Plan calls for becoming totally independent of fossil-based energy in 2030. This means that aspects of transportation and infrastructure need to switch to electricity or biogas. Our goal is that we end up with a zero energy account.

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The SMILE project wants to demonstrate various innovative, technological and non-technological solutions in the shape of large scale grid projects on the Orkney Islands, Samsø and the Madeira Islands.

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Night Light

In the Night Light project, regional authorities from the Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, Luxembourg, Denmark, Slovenia and Italy go together to improve their regional policies for the prevention of light pollution, the conservation of the night sky and the sustainable exploitation of dark places in the sky.

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Islands of innovation

European island areas face several challenges such as depopulation, isolation, vulnerable environments and limited economic activity. European island is a common European project that deals with the problems.

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Finished projects


Tentou-partnerskabet ønsker at inspirere fællesskaber på hele kloden, der deler de samme principper, til at gøre en forskel og formulere et nyt narrativ for et påkrævet, globalt paradigmeskifte.

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Nordic Pilot

Nordic cooperation in developing a continuing education program for teachers on the subject of Sustainability had been on Samsø Energy Academy’s wish list for a long time. Now its a reality.

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