INFORSE – Climate Carrier

Projektledere: Mathias Switzer Ivona Prar

Keywords: climate action, youth, Green Deal, sustainability, activism

Climate carrier is a part of the INFORSE project which focuses on the EU’s role and its influence on multiple topics including climate action, circular economy, citizen involvement, climate awareness, etc. This is done through different activities, one of which is Climate Carrier.
Climate Carrier contributes to the INFORSE by gathering youth from all over the EU to discuss the role of the EU in supporting sustainable solutions and tackling climate change. Young people in Europe show high interest in this topic through activism and demand for climate action.
The project will gather multiple groups of young people from all over Europe in online meetings where they can have a dialogue and discussion on the topics of sustainability and climate action. It will explore their experiences, hopes for the future, the EU’s role, and their own, personal role and contribution. At the closing stages it will provide an opportunity for participants to meet in person and present the outcomes of their discussion at Folkedybe festival on Samsø.

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